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                                    Empowering moms—Make the most of motherhood
                                    with Dr. Rama Ronen, Clinical Psychologist

With the joy and excitement of being a new mom, one faces many physical and emotional challenges.

Up to 85% of new mothers experience the baby blues. In addition to moodiness and sadness, the
baby blues can include difficulty sleeping, irritability, appetite changes, and concentration problems.

During this webinar
Dr. Ronen will focus on the experience of moms, the effectiveness of being a
mindful mom and what signs should a childbirth educator should look for when meeting with a client.
Dr. Rama Ronen is a licensed clinical psychologist working with expectant, new, and experienced
mothers, providing support and helping develop useful skills during this transition time.   
Wednesday, June 9th
6:30pm pst/ 9:30pm est
$15 students
$20 associate member
$35 non-members
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Talking about car seats: What you need to know
and keeping yourself protected from liability
with Kerry Chausmer, CPSTI,
Director Certification Department at Safe Kids World Wide

Join Kerry as she shares valuable and updated information on car seats. This session will     
discuss the top questions asked by parents, your limitations, resources, and the
available national Child Passenger Safety Technician certification.
Wednesday, July 7th
6:30pm pst/ 9:30pm est
$15 students
$20 associate member
$35 non-members

* Proceeds will be donated to Safe Kids Worldwide
                                     Birthing Options: What you need to know
                        with Stefanie Antunes: Public Relations Director for DONA

Supporting expecting and new families is rewarding work. However each family is so unique, having
different philosophies and different requirements. As a provider or educator it’s sometimes difficult
to have all the answers, so the best way to be able to support each family is to align yourself with
the right information partners and know what resources to provide your clients. In this session you’ll
·         What options are available for your clients in our modern day maternity care system

·         What evidence suggest is best for mothers and babies

·         Where you can find additional information and resources

·         How to help people make decisions that are right for them

·         How to support someone who makes a choice you don’t support/approve

Our maternity care system is in crisis. Cesareans have gone from single digits in the 70s to over 30
percent in our modern era. While many women believe these cesareans are helping to save their
babies, we know our statistics of saving mothers and babies hasn’t increased over that time period
and has recently experienced a small decrease. All of this technology is not saving our young
families. The World Health Organization says no industrialized nation should have cesarean rates
over 15%. Above this number and we are most likely using technology inappropriately. We will
discuss how you can share information that will empower your clients to trust their inner wisdom,
trust their bodies that were designed to birth their babies, and help them to make informed
decisions, so they can get the best of both worlds: what nature intended and technology (when

You’ll hear from the “Options Expert”
Stefanie Antunes, a doula, childbirth educator, mother of
three and advocate in the maternity care system who will help you gain an understanding of
current research so you can help your clients make the decisions that will be right for them.
Stefanie is a speaker and contributing author of the Best Seller “The Power of Women United” and
contributing author of the soon to be released “Bearing Witness: Childbirth Stories Told by
Doulas”. She is also founder of WiseParent.org and of Discover Birth. You can reach her through
Wednesday, July 28th
6:30pm pst/ 9:30pm est
$15 students
$20 associate member
$35 non-members
                                Getting Postpartum Support & Who Do You Hire?
                                  with Emily Schaffer: PCD (DONA), HBE, CLE

Research tells us that women who hire postpartum support from a Doula have greater
self-confidence, breastfeeding success, deeper bond with their newborn, more education and
timely referrals to qualified professionals or support groups, less Postpartum Depression and
increased skills to calm and sooth the newborn.

This webinar will cover what the difference is between a Postpartum doula, baby nurse and a night
nanny, the role of a Postpartum doula and where to go to hire a doula.

If you are a childcare provider and want to learn more about a Postpartum Doula or if you are a
soon-to-be parent that would like to know your options for AFTER BIRTH care, then ..... this is the
class for you!

Emily Schaffer a Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA), Lactation Educator and Baby Planner on
the adventures of being a doula and how to hire the help you'll need that leads you to successful
Wednesday, July 14th
6:30pm pst/ 9:30pm est
$15 students
$20 associate member
$35 non-members
                                                            Eating for Fertility
                                with the authors of the Fertile Kitchen™ Cookbook

Are your clients trying to conceive a baby? Do they know that diet plays a critical role in fertility,
conception and embryonic development?

In this information-packed webinar, author
Cindy Bailey will share the secrets to changing your diet to
optimize health and increase chances of getting pregnant. You’ll also learn time-saving tips and
guidelines to make shopping for healthy ingredients and cooking healthy meals much easier – all to
pass on to interested clients. A short, fun cooking demo via video by co-author Pierre Giauque is

You’ll learn:

  • ·The premise of a fertility diet

  • ·What to eat, not eat, and how to eat on a fertility diet

  • ·Time-saving tips and guidelines for shopping and cooking while on a fertility diet

  • · General tips for reading labels
Wednesday, June 23rd
6:30pm pst/ 9:30pm est
$15 students
$20 associate member
$35 non-members
                   The Physiology of the Female Breast and its Impact on Lactation
                                                       with Saray Hill, IBCLC

The human female breast is an organ that has guaranteed the survival of our species for
centuries. During this webinar, you will learn the physiology of the female breasts and their growth
beginning at the fetal stage, during puberty and pregnancy, along with the different stages of
lactogenesis and involution.

Join Saray Hill, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to review the different
hormones needed to make lactation possible and how they intertwine and impact human milk
production. You will learn maternal conditions that could delay or impair lactogenesis II. You will be
able to provide anticipatory guidance to the families you work with and help them achieve their
breastfeeding goals and have a blissful breastfeeding experience.
Wednesday, August 11th
6:30pm pst/ 9:30pm est
$15 students
$20 associate member
$35 non-members
                                      Tips and Facts About Caring for a Preemie
                                     with Nicole Bohorad, of Sprout Baby Foods

Join Nicole Bohorad as she shares valuable information on preemie care.

Topics include:
Home Care
Child Development
Handling Stress
Wednesday, August 4th
6:30pm pst/ 9:30pm est
$15 students
$20 associate member
$35 non-members
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